Founder / Principle Teacher / Author of NRG Training Programs

Tammy Williams has been running Yoga Teacher Training, Mindfulness Training, World Class Retreats and Events across Australia for many years. She has been invited to teach YOGA + MINDFULNESS at Yoga Festivals, World Famous Music & Arts Festivals such as Woodford Folk Festival & Fitness + Personal Development Conferences for companies such as GE Finance and the QLD Police Service and is invited by yoga studio owners to mentor and deliver training.

Tammy has been in the health industry since 1994 and has taught over 7800 hours of yoga classes & training. Life experience and her professional career in many fields of nursing, health promotion, disease prevention has given her an understanding of the mind and how it effects all health, healing and relationship. This supports a unique and inspirational dialogue in her teaching that is open, honest and real.

“My passion is to inspire others to LIVE LOVE + PLAY with their whole heart. My intention is to be a lifelong student and teacher supporting others to LIVE their full potential by practicing what I preach as best as I possibly can”

“I love watching the sun rise, sitting silently with my cup of tea , reading and writing poetry and cuddling my dog. I love surfing and all that it has taught me about life and what it means to be part of something bigger”

“Enlightenment, for a wave in the ocean, is the moment the wave realises it is water.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

The best advice I have been given was from my Gran (from her wall hanging of desiderata)
“Beyond a wholesome discipline be gentle with yourself”


Inspired by her mentors Bryan Kest,Tammy Williams and Jo Phee, Kathy leads classes that are grounded in mindfulness and will inspire you to shift gears and quieten down your mind to allow you to move into a yogic modality.  Kathy has done extensive training in Power Yoga, Long Slow Deep Yoga, Yin Yoga and Mindfulness coaching.

WORKSHOP:  Yin Yang Flow _ Paul Grilley Method

Suitable to all levels

This Paul Grilley inspired Yin Yang flow will take you on a journey of the flying Dragon that will then ease you into a deep Yin practice with a Chinese medicine perspective.  This practice will book-end your day at Yoga fest in a way that will leave you feeling both energized and relaxed - like you have had an amazing massage.  The good news is there are NO Chaturanga Dandasana, a.k.a. the yoga push-up or low planks!  Come try this beautiful flowing practice and learn a short sequence that you can practice at home.  

2016 began my journey into Qigong.  I travelled to Chiang Mai, Thailand and studied for 4 months at the Body & Mind Healing School.  I studied Qigong and Tai Chi (Wudang Style), 2018 Saw me complete my Masters in Reiki as well as begin my business Rainbow Chi Therapy.  This year (2019), I began a long term journey with Qigong Master Simon Blow.  I have participated in a 4 day intensive workshop in Sydney deepening my knowledge of Ba Duan Jin, Guigen Qigong and Taiji Qigong Shibashi.  I will be continuing to increase my knowledge and accreditations in Qigong over the next 3 years under Master Simon's guidance.

Louise is an Ex-Secondary Teacher.

her study history is as follows:
2000 - Reiki Practitioner Completed Level 2 Reiki Jin Kei Do.  Currently completing Masters. 
2010 - Animal Reiki
2016 - Studied Chi Kung and Tai Chi  in Chang Mai, Thailand for 4 months at Body & Mind Healing School.  

Began teaching Tai Chi in October 2017. Alas broke my foot in 2 places in December 2017.  Having had time to reflect I realised that it was the Chi Kung that was the most beneficial exercise I have ever done. I was able to adapt the Chi Kung to my life in plaster and still cultivate and cleanse my life force. I am loving the challenge Chi Kung gives to my life as I expand myself further with the exercises. I am wanting to share my knowledge with people so they to can benefit from this simple and yet effective form of exercise. 
June 2018 - started Chi Kung classes in Mackay and the surrounding areas.  


WORKSHOP:  Qigong - Chinese Healing Art

Qigong movement class that allows people to connect with their own universal life force energy 'CHI' or 'Qi'.  Qigong moves, unblocks and clears energy in the body as well as increasing strength and flexibility.  I will be including the 8 Pieces of Brocade (Ba Duan Jin) to stimulate the flow of Chi through the energy lines (meridians) of the body's internal organs.  The workshop will conclude with a meditation and self massage of the energy lines.

I am a life and business coach working under the SMJ Coaching Institute.  I am also a qualified Rapid Transformational Therapist and Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner.  I have been working in my practice for 18 months.  Prior to commencing My Beautiful Self I was a career woman and worked as the Operations Manager in Human Resources for a local mining company.  I am a mother of four wonderful children, three grown sons and a three year old daughter.  My passion is working with women who are experiencing emotional turmoil in their lives and are sick to death of the emotional roller coaster that dis-empowers and keeps them stuck in past beliefs of failure and criticism to a place of self-worth, self-love and knowing that they are enough right here right now.

WORKSHOP:  The fear of Los = Weight attraction

This workshop is about the power of our mind and how it holds on to things even when we think we want to let them go as it thinks it is doing a great job.  We talk about how we talk to ourselves and the power of the language we use and how that impacts on our everyday lives including weight gain and weight loss.  I explain how to talk to your mind for success so that you can achieve whatever it is you want to achieve in your life with amazing ease.

Sadie is owner and principal teacher at her studio in Eimeo, Sadie Wells Yoga.

She completed her 350 hour Teacher's Training back in 2014 with her great friend, mentor and teacher, Kate Pell. And continues to enjoy training in her field every chance she gets!


Let's explore this fundamental region of our body that craves not just flexibility and movement, but some serious lessons in strength too!

Let's examine with a sense of wonder and curiosity what's currently available, and how we might build a practice that helps us avoid hip replacements, injuries, and a myriad of other beneficial aspects.

All whilst calming down our nervous system - and ENJOYING ourselves!

I can't wait to meet you on the mat :)

I’m Amanda. After a profound journey of self-awareness, working with clients using different modalities of alternative healing, I recently started life coaching. The more I dive deep into it the more I love it. I am passionate about helping people understand themselves and make sense of their lives and the events that happen in them. 
It feels very rewarding to see the changes that take place in an individual even just after a session. My journey in Reiki, alternative therapies and intuitive healing has led me to this point in which I can offer help and guidance to people who want to learn more about themselves and improve their relationships with others. 
If you feel like this is calling you, come along to Yoga Fest or check out our Facebook Page Aligning Therapies for more info on what I do!  
Until then,   Namaste

WORKSHOP:  Balance between the Masculine and the Feminine Energies: 

If you would like to learn more about your Self and improve your relationships, this workshop is for you!
We all have a masculine and a feminine side. It is what we do with them that counts. It is so special to be presenting this workshop, in which I will try to aid you to discover and understand a little bit more about this topic for which I am passionate about. The main thing I would like to transmit is for you to become free, unidentified and totally comfortable with Who You Are.
In this workshop we will learn about the masculine, the feminine, owning our Wholeness and relationships, as well as about stereotypes and how we have been conditioned into believing that we fit inside a box. As a society we are building a model of relationships which is not leading to compassion and awareness. It is merely the repetition of old patterns of beliefs born and raised from fear. 
It is time for change, to take responsibility for our thoughts and the only way to change is through love. So love your masculine, love your feminine, love your thoughts and become the actor of change by approaching your masculine and feminine side and your relationships from a different light. You can do this!

Higher States of Yoga allows you to step into your highest state of being through your senses. It’s Expansive Experiencing. 

Higher States of Yoga combines the work of husband and wife duo Kate (Yoga Therapist & Teacher) & Stewart (DJ, Music Producer & Osteopath).

Kate & Stewart weave their love for body work with their decades of experience in sound + yoga. Based out of Townsville, Higher States of Yoga was created with a vision to share the transformational experience sound & movement can cultivate in a person.

Specializing in Yin Yoga & Myofascial, Kate & Stewart run Yoga Teacher Trainings, events & retreats in Townsville and Bali. 

WORKSHOP:  Expansive Experiencing: a Journey through Yin & Sound

Udana Vayu: A yin yoga journey to awaken sushumna nadi (our central energy channel located in our spine and home to our 7 major chakras) combined with sacred sound. 

You will be guided through a series of Yin Yoga poses designed to release stuck energy from each chakra in the body. You’ll gently stretch the deeper aspects of the body with long held poses of up to ten minutes. Yin Yoga targets connective tissue to release tension in the body and allow your energy to flow freely to every cell. Originally a Daoist form of yoga, yin yoga stimulates the meridians or energy channels that run through the body, helping to release energy blockages that can arise due to stress, injury or trauma.

As we work through each layer, sacred sounds will create calming resonance in the body. 

A student of yoga for over ten years, Christopher was trained under renowned Kundalini teacher Kia Miller in a style known as Radiant Body Yoga.  His classes are rooted in a traditional Hatha approach flavored with the flow and alignment cues of modern Vinyasa and the trans-formative qualities of Kundalini kriyas.

WORKSHOP:  Yoga For Every Man


Have you ever imagined catching up with the boys at a yoga class?

Through a shared practice and group discussions, we will explore how yoga can support us as men to:

- live life to the fullest

- take charge of our overall health

- enhance self-esteem and inner peace

- maintain genuine and healthy relationships

- better cope with anxiety, stress, and life's difficulties

- connect with other men in similar situations

Suitable for all experience levels

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Yoga teaches Us to Live in the Present Moment then life begins to flow with ease.